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I can't speak either!

I have also lost all control of bladder functions because of laughing so hard. I think it will take me a week to recover them. Depends!


Ps. Thanks for the invite!

Happy Birthday Joanna!


How was Lewis Black? I've read one of his book of rants... quite funny!
And is Robin Williams really a dick?
Did Sean Cullen sing? He was quite amusing in Corky and the Juice Pigs!


Allie, that's awesome! You have to share the juicy details...was Lewis Black funny? Robin Williams?

Oh yeah, speaking of comics, I just saw the Aristocrats and I swear to GOD, Bob Saget is the funniest comic in it. You will think I'm crazy until you see it for youself!


That must have been amazing. I really should get out more. Anyway Wed. is my Paige night which I wouldn't trade for anything so Spirits will have to wait for a P cancellation.
Future baby sweater is done minus the buttons. Am trying to gear up for the CUTTING of collar and reknit. Tomorrow AM knitting class is C day. Will let you know if I completely destroy sweater. Been having nightmares about the big event.
In the aft I will be going to a storytelling event at the Bata Museum---should be amusing and hopefully lift my spirits if the AM goes badly.

sock pal

so i'm being a relatively lazy sock pal and not making a secret email account. rather i'm just going to post all sorts of things in your comments. (let me know if i should actually get off my arse and make an email account). so here we go a few questions to share in the the sockmaking and seeing what all you like and are like.

1. so. canada. nice. how's the weather?

2. stand-up comedy? a girl after my own heart. any other artists you like? any favourite sketches? (and robin williams you lucky girl. even though much of his stuff is stolen, it's still damn funny)

3. any pets? if yes, tell me about them. if no, explain why. (yep, i'm all sorts of nosey)

4. you really like socks?

5. knitting. mainly for yourself, others, or what. i'm going for a good essay-ish like answer here.

6. so you bike. any other sports/activities?

7. what do you do in your free time? (all the phd/masters kids i know are totally socially inept and can't find a job. you seem to be doing much better than that) how'd you manage it?

8. pain au chocolate. any other weaknesses i should know about?

9. what's your favourite season and why?

10. favourite tv show? (if you don't watch tv. explain that for me would you)

ok. i'll stop for now and i'm anxiously awaiting your reply. have fun with it and hope you're having a good day.


What is this sock pal and why am I picturing a talking sock puppet asking these questions and becoming very, very afraid?


yah the sock pal sounds crazy, but i think it means that allison gets free handknit socks. so that's kind of exciting and maybe worth the stalk-like questions.. maybe.

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